🎁Bonus for buying whitelist cards

On our page (pixudi.com) each user can buy whiyelist cards. For whom buying several cards, we have rewards.

Number of whitelist cardsBonus

5 cards

Common Mystery pack as a gift

10 cards

Rare Mystery Pack as a gift

15 cards

Unique NFT with buyer’s name

25 cards

Legendary Mystery Pack as a gift

50 cards

A mythical card as a gift + 3 legendary packs

100 cards

we will make a special individual card as a gift + we will have a special page where we will indicate active buyers + special Discord role

Game item with unique (individual) design

200 cards

We will make a pet with unique design

300 cards

Access to thinking through new events

400 cards

We will make a character with individual design

1000 cards

special conditions, all the above gifts + official name and mention in partners and many other features, early access to the Nintendo version, early access to the new features

So the most active buyers have various bonuses.

1500 cards

We will make a board with unique design

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