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Mystery Packs

Example of a Mystery Pack and Board NFT card

Ways to Obtain

  • Buy on Pixudi marketplace (number of NFTs in each collection is limited);
  • Buy from other players who own it on the Pixudi Flea Market;
  • Find on the board during the game;
  • Make it to the top of the leaderboard of a tournament;
  • Participate in an event and gain your place on the leaderboard.

How to Open

If users find their Mystery Pack on a board while playing, they will need to mint it before opening. If they get it any other way, it's already minted.
In order to open a Mystery Pack, users only need to unpack it by clicking a button.

What's Inside

Each pack contain a randomly generated set of 5 items. Here is the exemplary list of them:
  • NFT game boards;
  • NFT character figures;
  • Power-ups;
  • Tokens;
  • Standard experience points;
  • Event experience points.
Last modified 7mo ago