🪁Game Process

Pixudi game process is based on the mechanics of classic board games but also has advantages provided by the blockchain. This is a step-by-step instruction:

  1. After logging in, a user chooses to create their own game or to join one of the existing rooms.

  2. When all players joined the game, the story starts. The first player to make a move rolls the dice. Their character moves on the board according to the number that came up.

  3. The board that users play on represent a map with 70-100 reference points - a path that users need to overcome to get to the finish line. About 30% of those points are complicated by events. When a player reaches a 'blank' point (not complicated by an event), the turn goes to the next player. However, if a player reaches a complicated point, some scenario event happens resulting in a positive or a negative outcome for the player.

  4. Players can use special power-ups (items) to overcome bad events such as curses or just get closer to victory.

  5. Players roll the die turn by turn until they run out of moves. When this happens, the game ends and players receive experience points, event points (if they played on the seasonal event board), and a prize pool (if any).

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