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Token Allocation

The initial supply of $XUDI is 250,000,000 tokens, which will be distributed in the following way:
User Incentives - incentives for playing the game;
Liquidity Provision - liquidity pools on exchanges and market makers;
Marketing - launch of marketing programs to spread the word about Pixudi and attract users, investors and partners;
Growth Fund - strategic reserve kept for future development and support of the project;
Team - compensation to the team of core developers of the project;
Development - improvement and expansion of the Pixudi ecosystem;
Creators - grants for creators adding value to the Pixudi ecosystem;
Private Round A (Seed) - private token sale to seed investors;
Private Round B (Strategic) - private sale to startegic envestors and partners;
Private Round C (Community) - private sale to community supporters;
IDO - private sale via partnerships with launchpads;
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