🕹️Game Preferences

When creating a game, users can set different preferences:

  1. The count of players may be between 2 and 4;

  2. The mode of the game may be party - a classic mode where players compete against each other or versus where the players are divided into 2 groups of 2 players each.

  3. In Pixudi, players can create free games that need no entrance fee which do not result in the winner getting a $$$ reward. However, they can also create paid games where all players pay some entrance fee before the start. These entrance fees form the prize pool of the game which goes to the winner when the game is over;

  4. Also users can choose the number of turns in range from 2 to 25;

  5. The game can be common - available for anyone to enter - or hidden. The latter means that players will not see it in the list;

  6. Users can choose one of three starter items packs: there are none, light and large;

  7. Players can choose the name of the game (room);

  8. If a user creates a game with the seasonal board, they enter seasonal event and get event points afterwards.

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