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Do you remember those magical moments when evenings with family or friends turned into exciting journeys into the world of board games? These fond memories of everyone gathering around the table, rolling dice and making evil plans or, conversely, uniting for a common victory - it all created something truly special. An atmosphere of competition or unity, plans, strategies and, of course, the joy of shared leisure time. Can the modern digital world offer us something similar?

Yes maybe! And this is great news for everyone who misses these extraordinary moments. In an era of online interactions where physical meetings are becoming a rarity, board games are making a comeback in a new guise thanks to Pixudi. This game allows us to immerse ourselves in the world of board games without leaving home. You don't need to go anywhere, you just need to launch the game on your computer or tablet and invite your friends.

Pixudi not only brings back fond memories, but also generates interest in new technologies and opportunities that bring people together despite all obstacles.

Now let's find out together how to bring back this unforgettable atmosphere and create new memories, despite the distance between us.

Your Pixudi journey starts here

Step into the World of Pixudi: The Path to Unforgettable Adventures

First of all, let's go on an expedition into the uncharted lands of Pixudi by visiting game.pixudi.com. This is where the first test awaits us: creating a blockchain wallet. Sounds complicated? Don't worry, we have prepared a guide for you, you can find it here.

With your wallet, like a magical talisman, you are ready for the next step: registering and creating your profile. If blockchain seems too complicated for you, our guide will show you how to create a profile, even without a blockchain wallet (using email).

Creating Your First Game

Now that your character is ready to explore the unknown, it's time to bring your first adventure to life. In the left menu on the website, find the “Play Now” button (see screenshot).

Do you dare to become a legend? Click "Create Game":

and customize the game as you wish. If your path is intended only for selected allies, be sure to create a password and share it with your friends - this way no one else will intrude on your epic saga.

The Beginning of Adventures

With the enchantment installed and allies nearby, click "Create Game" and let the magic time to gather your friends. Now everything is ready to begin your unforgettable adventure through the world of Pixudi.

Get ready, exciting battles, mysterious conspiracies and, of course, incredible treasures await you. Meet every adventure with an open heart and may your path be littered with victories!

Basic rules and mechanics

With each move, you roll virtual dice, the number on which determines how far you can move along the game board. But this is not just a matter of distance, special spaces can give you resources or even pit you against enemies that can cause a lot of trouble for both you and your rivals.

At first glance, it may seem that success at Pixudi depends only on luck. But dig deeper and you'll discover that every choice, every move, hides a rich palette of strategic decisions and opportunities. For example, objects - each of them is unique, and each of them opens up many paths for you. With the help of these items, you can, for example, roll 3 dice at once, return to a previous position, place a curse on an opponent or even on yourself, or move to the square preceding the one on which you can get the Dragon Stone. But what is it and why is it needed? Let's figure it out.

Purpose of the game. What does it take to win?

According to the legend of the first season, dragons have inhabited the world of Pixudi since time immemorial, but now everything has changed. The hunters, in pursuit of the power and authority granted to the one who pierces the heart of a powerful lizard with a silver sword, ruined them, and now only one remains. He is seriously injured, but you can save him by obtaining the Dragon Stone. This crystal contains the fire of the first dragon and grants eternal life to its owner.

However, the board legend and the goal of the game are slightly different. This was done to make the game more interesting. According to the rules of the game, the one who collects more Dragon Stones than the rest wins. How to do this?

There are several ways to get the Dragon Stone:

  1. Found in a chest that can be discovered by simply moving around the board:

  1. Pay Robin Hood to steal a stone from another player:

  1. Win a duel. When choosing this method, make sure that your character is stronger than your opponent’s character or their characteristics are at least approximately equal, otherwise you risk losing everything that was bet. To enter into a duel, simply stand on the same square with another player:

  1. Win on the machine. There is a special square on the board, by standing on which you can try your luck on a magic slot machine. The idea is that one player gives shards or a stone to another player. Here everyone can either lose or gain something, which can dramatically change the outcome of the game at the last moment.

Here are some tips and tricks that can get you closer to victory or further away from your opponents:

  1. Getting two stones: If someone is standing on a Dragon Stone purchase square and you are nearby (up to 10 squares), you can use the magic die and choose the right number to appear on the die in order to duel with your opponent and buy a stone. Since you are the initiator of the duel, you can bet 0 shards and 0 stones and then immediately give up. The losing player takes a step back, so you can buy another stone during your next turn.

  2. Getting two or more stones: If you are standing in front of the buy stone space, feel free to roll the dice and buy a stone, and on your next turn, use the hourglass to return to the position you were in at the beginning of the previous turn, and then roll the stone again and buy the stone again. This can be repeated until you run out of hourglasses in your inventory or until one of the players stands on a square that swaps the Stone and the Evil Wizard.

  3. Setting up another player: if you are far from the square for buying a stone, but you are close to the earthquake square (this is the one that swaps the stone and the magician), and someone else is going to buy the stone - feel free to use a magic cube to stand on the square earthquakes. Then, instead of buying the stone, the other player will give his shards to the Evil Wizard.

  4. Mini Games: The easiest way to get a stone is to buy it on the corresponding square. But sometimes it happens that during your turn you will definitely pass through this space, but there are clearly not enough shards to buy. How to be? Mini Games! Not only will they allow you to pass the time while you wait in line, but they will also give you a few shards (and in very rare cases, even a stone!) as a reward. However, keep in mind that mini-games can only be played 3 times per game, and also do not forget to monitor your energy - each attempt takes 20 units.

Moreover, you can combine them to get as close to victory as possible.

And if you want to get some advantage, then buy Mystery Packs! Inside you can find from one to three characters with good characteristics, which will help you fight more effectively in duels, and in the future not only in duels. This will give you a better chance of winning. But if you don’t have a good figure, but your opponent does, don’t be upset, you can still defeat him. You can read more about Mystery Packs here, and here you can find a detailed guide on purchasing and opening them.

You can also diversify your gaming experience by completing daily quests. For this you will receive experience and ingems. At higher levels, you will receive quite a bit of experience for winning games, so you will either have to play, forgetting about sleep and other needs, or complete quests in order to get to the top of the leaderboard.

In the future, you will receive various rewards for levels, and you can spend ingems on various improvements, pets, caring for them, and much, much more. In the meantime, you can stop by the Relic Shack and buy potions for Inghams. Here's how to do it:

  1. Find the Relic Shack section in the left menu:

  2. Before you buy a potion, select the one you need, and then make sure you have enough ingems in your balance.

Among other things, Pixudi has achievements. They can be obtained for almost anything - from simply being on the site to quite complex game tricks. And you will also receive rewards for your achievements! But for now this is just experience and inspiration.

Strategies and Secrets of Mastery

The path to the top in the Pixudi world is the result of your skill and strategy. Here, each player is free to choose his own path, but knowing the secrets and masterfully using strategies can significantly speed up your progress to the top of the leaderboards.

Create Your Strategy

Analysis of basic strategies

In the world of Pixudi, the key to success is not only luck, but also a smart strategy. Your path to becoming one of the best begins with creating this strategy.

  • Balance between courage and caution: Learn to evaluate the current situation on the board and decide whether it is worth taking risks for a big win or whether it is better to prefer a more cautious move that will ensure stable progress.

  • Using items wisely: It is important not only to collect useful items in your inventory, but also to use them correctly.

  • Adapting Your Strategy to Your Opponents: Watch other players' moves carefully and prepare to adapt your strategy in response to their moves. Try to anticipate their next moves, play along when necessary, and ruin all their plans so that in the end you take first place and emerge as the winner.

  • Analyze the game after each game: The greatest strategists learn from their mistakes and find ways to correct them. Develop critical thinking and analyze game situations to identify what can be improved in the future.

  • Create unexpected alliances: Sometimes an unpredictable alliance with another player can give you an advantage, especially if it allows you to jointly exploit your opponents' weaknesses. However, do not forget that everyone needs victory, and think about yourself first.

  • Learn from the best: Watch the best play and analyze their strategies. This will help you understand which techniques and approaches are most effective in different situations. But you will have to create your own strategy, which will probably be based on one of the existing ones. Some of the players who occupy the first places in the leaderboards simply play incredibly a lot, without particularly straining themselves, while others complete quests, gaining experience for this and beating everyone.

Magic of Rolling the Dice

The magic of throwing dice carries not only an element of chance, but also a deep psychological aspect, especially during duels. One of the key skills of a winner is the ability to maintain composure.

Here are some tips to help you improve:

  • Managing Expectations: Not everything is in your hands. In some places, luck can play a decisive role, and in others, the enemy’s insidious plan has come true. Being prepared for any outcome is the key to emotional stability and, as a result, to success.

  • Ability to remain calm: A duel is probably the most tense moment in the game, especially if a likely victory in a long game is on the line. You could miss and end up in a situation where you have less health than your opponent. However, it is important to remember that this is not the end. As long as you have at least some health, you can still turn the outcome of the duel in your favor. True defeat occurs only when the health of one of the duelists reaches zero.

  • Effective use of mana: Mana is an important resource during a duel. It accumulates throughout the game, so the idea of rushing to completely use it up on magical attacks at the beginning of the battle may seem tempting, but on the other hand, this can leave you without resources for further attacks at a critical moment. Therefore, it is better to use regular attacks, and, of course, watch your opponent’s actions.

  • Choosing between attack and defense: It seems attractive to constantly defend, reducing damage taken, but normal attack is almost always the better option. You will either scare your opponent into defending yourself, or deal damage in response to their attack. Your goal is to reduce your opponent's health to zero before he does, not to preserve as much health as possible.

On the path to mastery in Pixudi, remember: every move you make, every roll of the dice, is not only a step towards victory, but also an opportunity to learn something new about yourself and your strategy in general. Develop your skills, experiment with different approaches and, most importantly, enjoy every moment of the game!

Example batch

And now, to improve our understanding of the game, we will look at one of the games.

We find ourselves on the same field with another player, and according to the rules we enter into a duel, and the attacker makes a bet. This is what he will see:

And this is what the duel window looks like:

The loser gives everything that was bet to the opponent (5 shards in our case) and moves back one field.

And this is how those who do not take part in a duel see a challenge:

During the battle:

And at the end of the duel:

Everyone rolls the dice again, and it’s my turn. I decided to use a mask to switch places with another player:

In the next round, one of the players ended up with the Troll. He, in turn, took the shards from the players and distributed them evenly among everyone.

Suddenly day turned to night. The time of day, by the way, does not affect the game in any way, only the appearance of the board.

But this is a store. Here you can buy items:

The next move, someone stood on the field of changing the stone and the magician in places, and after that another player ended up with this very magician. The magician decided to take 14 shards from him:

At the end of the game, as mentioned earlier, the winner is determined by the number of stones collected. Whoever collects more than the rest wins. If players have the same number of stones, then the one with more shards wins. This is what the end of the game looks like:


Now that you have information about strategies and skill, it's time to challenge yourself. Take your skills to the next level, step up your Pixudi game and start your journey to becoming a legend!

Each of us has great potential. In the world of Pixudi, every move is an opportunity to rise above and prove to yourself and others your worth. Look at the leaderboard as a challenge that you are ready to take on. Remember, every legend began with the first step. Take these steps with confidence and remember to enjoy every moment of your journey to the top.

After all, the game is constantly evolving. If you don't play for the sake of achieving the top, if you don't want to compete, then just enjoy the gameplay. The game is updated frequently and something new is constantly added. Stay tuned, many more interesting adventures await us ahead! Have a good games, have fun, win everyone you meet, conquer the top of the leaderboards, and don’t forget about the Mystery Packs!

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