To create a NEO wallet in NeonWallet, go to: https://neon.coz.io

Then select the operating system you need:

When the download is complete, run the downloaded file (Neon.x.x.x.exe) and wait for the installation to complete. Once the installation is complete, the Neon app will open. Click "Create Wallet":

Enter your wallet name and password, and then click "Create Wallet" again:

Congratulations! That's all. Save the public key in a safe place, it may be useful in the future.


First of all, follow this link. Once you do this, you will see the following:

Click on the blue "Add to Chrome" button, then "Add extension":

The extension is installed! Let's move on.

Click on the icon of the newly installed extension:

Next you will see two buttons:

If you already have an account, then click "Import an existing wallet", then select the N3 or Legacy network:

After that, enter your account information:

If you don’t have an account, then click “Create a new wallet” and select a network. After that, enter the name of the wallet and create a password, click Create.

After you click Create, you will be prompted to save your private key. Click Now and then "Copy to Clipboard".

Done! You now have a NEO wallet. Now keep the copied key in a safe place, it may be useful in the future.

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