🔶Searching for Dragon Stone

Save the last dragon!

In the magic world of Pixudi, the dragons have inhabited the earth from time immemorial - but now things have changed. For the last 200 years the humanity has been hunting them down to get the immense power of a dragon’s heart. Only one dragon survived but was badly wounded. Will you find the Dragon Stone to save him or will their species disappear forever? Everything depends on you.

The dragons are dying out. In fact, there is only one left - people have killed all the others, seeking the power granted to the one who stabs their heart with a silver sword. The remaining dragon is deeply wounded and there is only one thing that can save him: the Dragon Stone. As legend has it, this crystal contains the fire of the First Dragon which gives eternal life to its master. According to that legend, the stone is hidden in the temple somewhere in the lost jungle but no one has ever seen it. You will have to go looking for it, but be careful - people with malicious intentions are also looking for it. If you don’t find it first, the dragons will disappear forever!

The following items appear in this event:

  • 1 board - Lost Jungle.

  • 4 characters: Dragon Saver, Dragon Slaughter (knight with a silver sword covered in blood), Dragon (you get it as an egg which grows over time), Wizard (the one carrying secret knowledge about the dragons).

  • Power-Ups: double dice, triple dice, magic dice, dragon wings, dragon blood in a bottle.

  • Collection: Mystery Pack with 3 variations: common, rare and legendary.

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