Second Board: Enigma of Lost Ships

Welcome to Pixudi, dear readers and adventurers! It is with excitement and joy that we present to you the second season of our exciting game. Get ready for an exciting journey!

In Season 2 of Pixudi, we've made countless changes and improvements to make your gaming experience even more exciting and unpredictable. From the very beginning, you will see new Mystery Packs, new characters, a new board with new items, spaces, rules and mechanics, which will open up amazing locations and exciting scenarios, as well as a huge field for coming up with new strategies. Let's see what rules await you on the second board! And we will start, of course, with new items:

  1. Black Mark: Curse any player (including yourself) to prevent them (or you) from rolling a number greater than 2 on the die. However, keep in mind that using a magic die will cancel the curse.

  2. Pasta in a Bottle: Use this item on the grounds of the Pastafarian Temple to obtain a pearl, item, or shards.

  3. Mysterious Ring: In the cemetery you can meet two thieves arguing. If you have a mystery ring, you can give it to the thieves, which will resolve their dispute and for which they will reward you with a pearl.

  4. Fog in a Bottle: Discover the path to freedom by using the Mist to escape capture in the ominous Freeze Space.

  5. Golden Parrot: When using this item, one random player (including you) receives a random item from another random player (except you).

  6. Storm Wind in a Flask: Allows you to skip your current turn.

  7. Command Staff: Move another player to your chosen space using the powerful Command Staff.

  8. Running Boots: Increase your speed and chances of winning by adding an extra 10 to your die number.

  9. Pearl Amulet: Increase your chances of finding treasure by using this precious amulet.

  10. Eye of the Kraken: Discover your opponent's secrets by peeking at what's in their inventory.

  11. Pocket Robin Hood: Allows you to steal 5-15 Shards from any selected player.

  12. Phantom Skipper: Hide your location and avoid danger with this item.

  13. Pirate Parade Cannon: Choose a player to miss their next turn.

  14. Moontide Coin: Cut store prices in half using this item.

  15. Tide Clock: Go back in time by choosing any of the moves you have already made. You will find yourself on the space you were on at the beginning of the selected move.

  16. Pirate Emblem: Grants protection against theft for 2 turns.

  17. Toxic Smog in a Flask: Reduce your opponents' wealth by reducing their coin count by 10% with Toxic Smog.

  18. Time Wheel: Make another move immediately after the current one using the Time Wheel.

  19. Sea Zelt: Protect yourself from curses with a magical potion that grants immunity for 2 turns.

  20. Amphora of Winds: Change the location of all players on the board using the power of nature and wind.

Double, Triple Dice, Magic Dice, Hourglass, Mask, Coffee Mug, Dragon Wings - you have already seen these items on the first board and you will see them again on the second, but just in case let us remind you:

  • Double, triple dice. Allows you to roll 2 or even 3 dice instead of one.

  • Magic Dice. You can choose a number from 1 to 10 that should appear on the die.

  • Hourglass. When used, returns you to the position you were in at the beginning of the previous turn.

  • Mask. Swaps you and any other random player.

  • Cup of coffee. Adds one extra move for everyone.

  • Dragon Wings. Increase your speed and chances of winning by getting an extra 5 units to the number rolled on the die.

Each space is the key to unknown possibilities and surprises. This was the case on the first board, and on the second we added even more interesting events. Let's look at them all.

Tradesman: On this space you can buy various game items for shards, which will help you quickly reach victory.

Territory of the Pastafarian Temple: As you traverse these mysterious lands, you can summon magic by using bottled macaroni here, for which you will be generously rewarded with shards, a random item, or even a cursed pearl.

Coastline: Here, standing on one of the spaces, the player begins a mini-game, everyone participates. Its essence is as follows: in the first round, everyone must choose one of two chests. One contains a treasure, the other a bomb. Whoever chose the treasure moves on, and in the next round one chest with a bomb is added. The last one remaining wins.

Freezing: By standing on this ominous space, you risk meeting with robbers. You will see a number that you will need to roll on the die to free yourself. You can only roll the dice once per turn. You can choose not to do this and pay off by giving away 30% of your shards, or continue to roll the dice, but in this case, the cost of liberation will increase by 10% after each roll.

Bank: By passing through this space, players contribute to the bank, and the first one to stop here will take all their savings with them.

Cave: Brave adventurers can go exploring the caves, where unexpected finds await them - shards and cursed pearls. But be careful - if you see a guard guarding the entrance to the cave, it is better not to go there. In the best case, you will lose nothing and gain nothing, and in the worst case, you will lose a certain number of shards.

Field of glowing potatoes: As you walk through this space, you may accidentally step on a glowing potato sprout. After this, the entire field will begin to glow with a blinding brightness, and when you can see again, you will realize that you are no longer where you were before.

Another random movement space: It, like the space near the field of glowing potatoes, moves you to another, randomly selected space, but not when you pass through it, but when you stop.

Haunted House: By stopping here, players risk losing a random item or shards, succumbing to the influence of the ghostly inhabitants.

Battle Space: When someone stops here, all players put a few shards into a common pot, after which everyone rolls the dice and takes their share of shards depending on what number is rolled.

Robin Hood Space: Go through this space and encounter the good robber Robin Hood, who offers you the chance to steal a cursed pearl for 50 Shards, or steal 5-15 Shards from any chosen player.

Magic Slot Machine Space: The player standing on this space pulls the lever, and then either takes the pearl/shards from another player, or gives them away, or their balances are swapped or equalized. A great option to change the outcome of the game at the very last moment!

Curse Space: These spaces are filled with mystical energy, where players risk not only shards, but also their valuable items or even cursed pearls.

Treasure Seeker's Space: On these spaces you can find a random item or a chest containing several shards, and sometimes a cursed pearl.

Abandoned grave: Here you can see two thieves arguing. You can pass by or help them by giving them a few Shards or a Mystery Ring if you have one. As a reward you will receive a cursed pearl.

It is also worth noting special spaces - forks. On them you can choose which path to take. However, if you decide to change paths, be prepared to give up 5 shards. And one more thing: do not confuse a cave with forks - these are different things. When you decide to go through a cave, you do not pay in shards, but in energy in the amount of 5 units.

On the new board, like on the first, the goal of the game is to collect more cursed pearls than the rest of the players. There are quite a few ways to get it, and here is a list of them:

  1. Cave. When the cave is open, you can get up to 3 pearls at a time by going through it, completely free of charge.

  2. Cemetery. Here, near the abandoned grave, you can meet two thieves arguing. You can exchange a mysterious ring or a certain number of shards for a cursed pearl. However, this can only be done once per game.

  3. Pastafarian Temple. If you have bottled macaroni in your inventory, you can use this item on the temple grounds, you will have a high chance of receiving a cursed pearl, or other rewards such as a random item or shards.

  4. Duel. Standing on the space next to another player, you place a bet, after which you enter into a duel. You can place a pearl and take it from another player if you win.

  5. Robin Hood. By standing on Robin Hood's space, you can pay him 50 Shards and choose the player whose pearl you want to take for yourself.

  6. Slot Machine. By standing on a space of a magic slot machine, you can try your luck and get another player’s pearl. However, be careful - this place is shrouded in mystery and chance, so you can either gain or lose, and predicting the outcome is not possible.

Also during the game you can find a pearl on a random space. It looks like this:

When someone takes that pearl, another one appears in another place. The location of the new pearl is determined randomly.

And the last thing worth talking about is the new collection of characters.

There are 145 of them in total: 5 races, 5-6 creatures of 5 rarity levels + 5 special characters of a unique rarity level. In this collection, unlike the previous one, rarity depends not only on characteristics, but also on the number of copies. Each figure will have the following number of copies:

  • Common: 500

  • Uncommon: 350

  • Rare: 200

  • Epic: 100

  • Legendary: 25

  • Unique: 1

The second season of Pixudi promises an exciting journey for adventurers. Prepare for strategic challenges and unpredictable events, because in this game every move is the key to exciting discoveries. May good luck accompany you on this exciting Pixudi journey!

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