Traditional gamers guilds have beed around for decades. Esports, often known as competitive gaming, is one reason why gaming guilds have become increasingly popular in recent years.

In Web3 gaming, they receive less attention, despite the fact that they directly contribute to the popularization of any game.

If the traditional gaming space, guilds have served as informal communities to support players, and GameFi guilds have been instrumental in the development of the GameFi realm as they help lower the barrier to entry for newcomers and create new opportunities for investors.

As part of ongoing tournaments, the main game, and future games within the ecosystem, we will organize Guilds that will:

  • Use DAO technology to add new mechanics without overcomplicating the process

  • Help get acquainted with the game and exchange characters & items

  • Make suggestions to improve the game on behalf of the guild

  • Organise and conduct guild tournaments

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