🕶️SKALE, Velas, Oasis, Avalanche (Metamask)

SKALE, Velas, Oasis, Avalanche (Metamask)

To install Metamask, first go to: https://chromewebstore.google.com and then search for Metamask:

Install Metamask:

After installing the extension, it will open on its own. You may have to wait a while. Once activation occurs, follow these instructions:

If you already have an account, click "Import an existing wallet", after which you will be asked to restore your account using the seed (recovery) phrase.

If you don't have an account, click "Create a new wallet". You will then be asked if you want to submit usage data to improve Metamask. Whether you agree or not is your choice; it will not affect the creation of your wallet in any way.

In the next step you will need to come up with a password. Do this and then click "Create a new wallet" again. After this, you will be asked to protect your account by generating a seed (recovery) phrase:

If you decide to protect your account, then at the next stage you will need to save the seed (recovery) phrase in a safe place, and then go through verification. After this you will see the following:

Congratulations! You now have an account with Metamask. How to log into Pixudi using it, see our other tutorial dedicated to this.

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