📦Purchasing and opening Mystery Packs

Welcome to Pixudi! In this tutorial we will tell you how to purchase and open Mystery Pack - from the very beginning to the very end. Let's start.

What is Mystery Pack?

Mystery Pack is a set containing various items that can improve your gaming experience. Inside each set you can find characters, boards, pets, various upgrades, passes to tournaments and other surprises.

Mystery Packs are divided into 3 types:

Legendary Mystery Pack

The rarest set. Inside you are guaranteed to find:

  • 3 unique characters;

  • 2 dragon eggs;

  • 7 lottery tickets (act as permission to spin the wheel of fortune, on which you can additionally win valuable prizes);

  • 5 small booster packs (within them you can find various improvements);

  • 3 large booster packs;

  • Season 1 board “Searching for the dragon stone”;

  • Season 2 board “Solving the mystery of the disappeared ships”;

  • Early access to Nintendo Switch version;

  • 3 passes to the tournament.

Rare Mystery Pack

A set of medium rarity, inside of which you are guaranteed to find:

  • 2 unique characters;

  • Dragon egg;

  • 3 lottery tickets;

  • 2 small booster packs;

  • Large booster pack;

  • Season 1 board “Searching for the dragon stone”;

  • 2 passes to the tournament.

Common Mystery Pack

Basic set, and inside it:

  • Unique character;

  • Lottery ticket;

  • Small booster pack;

  • Season 1 board “Searching for the dragon stone”;

  • Pass to the tournament.


First, you need to choose which wallet to use - NEAR, NEO, Velas, Oasis, SKALE or Avalanche. How to create a wallet - see the tutorial “Creating a Wallet”. Once the choice is made, you will have two options:

First option (pixudi.com)

Go to https://pixudi.com/ and click on the Mystery Packs button at the top of the screen:

Next, you need to select the set you are interested in. How they differ is written above. When the choice is made, you need to click on the Buy a Pack button:

After this, the following window will appear in front of you:

At this stage, you need to select the blockchain in which the payment will be made and in which you want to receive the set(s), and the number of these sets. After that, click on the Proceed to Pay button:

Then, depending on the selected blockchain, you will be offered several authorization methods. If you have not yet created your own crypto wallet, we recommend watching our other tutorial, “Creating a Wallet,” which describes in detail the process of creating an account in each of the blockchains we support.

If you chose SKALE, Velas, Oasis or Avalanche, you will be prompted to authenticate through Metamask. At this stage, just click the Purchase button:

Next, you will most likely be asked to change the network:

After closing the notification, the Metamask extension will open, and in the window that appears you will need to confirm the network change:

After this, you will return to the previous step, and then the Metamask window will open again, where you will need to sign the transaction:

Second option (game.pixudi.com)

To get started, go to https://pixudi.com and then click Play Now in the top right corner:

Or go straight to https://game.pixudi.com/. After that, click "First Drop" in the upper left corner:

As soon as you do this, the already familiar Mystery Packs will appear in front of you:

Here you just need to click on the desired Mystery Pack. How they differ is described at the beginning of the tutorial. After selecting, you will see a familiar window:

What to do next is described in the first option.


Congratulations, you now have a Mystery Pack! It's time to open it. To do this, go to https://game.pixudi.com. Next, if you already have a profile (if not, see our tutorial on creating and editing a profile), simply go to it by clicking on your profile image in the upper right corner:

Next, you need to scroll to the very bottom and find the block where your inventory is located. If during authorization you used the same address that was specified when purchasing the Mystery Pack, then the Pack should appear in your inventory.

Click on it, and then on the “Open pack” button (specify) and just watch the opening of your pack. After the opening is completed (clarify), you will be able to find the received items in your inventory.

Thanks for reading our tutorial! Now you are ready to dive into the exciting world of the game on game.pixudi.com with your new items. If you want to learn how to create a game or join an existing one, see our other tutorial on this topic. Have a good game!

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