You can use potions to temporarily improve your character's stats. At this stage, potions will last 8 hours.


Stoneskin Potion

Adds +10 to defense.


Potion of Strength

Adds +20 to strength.


Vitality Potion

Adds +10 to health.


Agility Potion

Adds +30 to agility.


Potion of Wisdom

Adds +40 to intelligence.


Luck Potion

Adds +30 to luck.


Potion of Magic Power

Mana is restored 2 times faster.


Growth Potion

Increases experience gained by 2 times.


Potion of Infinite Knowledge

Increases experience gained by 4 times.


Potion of Enlightenment

Increases experience gained by 8 times.


And this is what the interface for using potions will look like:

Each potion has its own slot. To use a potion, click on + or on the potion in the list:

And then to "Use Item". After this, the potion itself will be added to the desired slot, and the characteristics will be increased.

You can also extend the effect time by using another potion.

Example: 5 hours ago you used a vitality potion, you still have 3 hours left. You use another potion. The effect of increasing health will end not after 8 hours, but after 11.

Exciting opportunities await you in the future! You will be able to plunge into the world of potions, where you can make your own potions from various ingredients available in the store. It will not only be exciting, but also profitable! But remember that to succeed in this activity you will need tools and careful preparation of each ingredient.

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