💰Ways to Earn

Players have multiple ways to earn $XUDI tokens as well as our partner tokens. Here is the full list of these opportunities:

  • Paid games. Users can create both free games with no entry fees and no $$$ prizes or they can set a certain entry fee which every player must pay to join the game. These entry fees form a prize pool which will be received by the winner of that game (after deducting our 8% commission);

  • Find tokens in Mystery Packs;

  • Sell in-game items on the Pixudi Flea Market. Users will be able to put the in-game items they own on sale and make profits on that. Here is where the trading begins: users who succeed in game or just get lucky enough can sell rare items to other users want to collect items or accelerate their advancing in the game;

  • Tournaments. Users who enter a tournament and make it to the top of the leader board will receive special prizes, including tokens;

  • Events. Users who score most event points at the end of an event and make it to the top of the leader board will receive generous prizes, including tokens.

Periodically, tournaments will be held in the game in which players can take part and compete for a prize.

Also, players will be able to buy tickets to take part in the lottery, and at the end, winning tickets will be randomly determined with a smart contract, after which their owners will receive cash prizes or prizes in the form of NFTs.

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