🎛️Tokenomic Model

Having carefully examined existing GameFi tokenomic models, we decided to go with the Fixed Supply One Token Model. That's the route chosen by some older GameFi platforms such as Decentraland or Sandbox but it's gaining popularity once again. Here is the Pixudi-based version of this model:

Since the token supply is fixed, all transaction fees will be charged on USDT which will be bridged into the game with Pixudi Bridge. By implementing this mechanicsm we have no need to sell the token into the market, making fees separate from the game performance.

In order for the fixed supply token to derive value, we will introduce the divident model. All dividents for staking Pixudi native tokens will be paid in other assets bridged into the game - USDT, NEAR, etc. This is a simple mechanism which will be understandable to users and profitable for the value of Pixudi token.

To support and increase value of the Pixudi token, we will be implementing burning mechanism. The schedule of token burnings will be released later.

Our goal is to create sustainable and decentralized economy driving long-term growth of Pixudi. In ordero ensure that further risks for the ecosystem are mitigated, we will utilize market makers.

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