In this section, you can get a description of the in-game spaces that the player walks through. Types and description of spaces will be updated periodically depending on different events and types of games.


Game start space

From this space the game begins

Сurse space

On this space, 3 coins are taken from the player.

Blessing space

On this space the player receives N number of coins.

Earthquake space

The space where the evil wizard and the dragon stone are swapped.

Treasure Seeker's Space

On this space, the player finds a random treasure and receives a random choice of game coins or a bonus item.

Magic Artifact Space

On this space, the player receives a random item.

Evil Wizard's Space

On this space there is a battle with an evil wizard

Battle space

On this space there is a duel between the players

Magic slot machine space

On this space the player pulls the handle of the slot machine and determines who and to whom will give the game crystals / stone

The space of the transition to the other side

On this space the player is invited (if he, of course, has crystals to pay) to go to the other side or go further.

Robin Good space

Here you can either take 5-20 crystals from someone, or steal a stone for 50 crystals.

Troll's space

The troll can cause a lot of trouble, such as taking the entrance fee, taking half the coins, taking all the coins from everyone and distributing them equally. The worst thing is that you can lose the dragon stone.


Here you can buy game items for crystals.

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