Creating and editing a profile


So, you've gone to game.pixudi.com, and to play you'll need an account. To get started, click "Register":


Next, you will be offered 4 options - authorization via google, discord, twitch or email.


Click on the Google logo:

Google, Discord, Twitch

Next, select an account and click the confirm button.


To log in via Discord, click on its logo:

Google, Discord, Twitter

Then click the confirm button. Next, you will be redirected back to pixudi.com, where you will need to enter a username and create a password:

When finished, click "Continue".


Google, Discord, Twitch


First, enter your email address:


Then click Send Code and check your email, then enter the received code and submit.

Congratulations, you now have a profile! But it still needs to be filled out. To do this, click on your profile image in the upper right corner of the page:

Now you see your profile.


This is your character. It can be changed in the future, but first you need to get it. You can do this, for example, by purchasing and opening Mystery Pack (see our other tutorial for how to do this).

To the right is the active pet block. They are not there yet, but they will be added soon, but for now just stay tuned and enjoy the game.


These are your achievements. By completing them, you will receive rewards, for example, in the form of experience and ingems.


And this is your inventory. It is empty for now, but you can fill it by purchasing Mystery Packs (see how to do this in our other tutorial on purchasing and opening Mystery Packs).

Linking a wallet

After registration, you need to add a wallet - your inventory will be stored on it. You can skip linking your wallet to your account and do it later, but keep in mind that without this you will not be able to take part in the games.

To link a wallet to your profile, click on the drop-down list (if you do not have a wallet linked yet, then “Connect Wallet” will appear in this place; if one wallet is linked, its address will be displayed; if several wallets are linked, the selected one will be displayed by you or the last added address):

Then click "Add Wallet":

Add wallet

After this, you will be asked to select the blockchain on which your wallet is located. If you don’t have a wallet yet, then watch our other tutorial dedicated to creating one, and then come back here:

Choose a wallet

If you want to add a Velas, Avalanche, Oasis or SKALE wallet, choose Metamask. Then select the desired network:

Select network

After choosing, you will most likely need to change the network in Metamask:

Change network message

Just close this notification by pressing Close button and wait for Metamask to open. You need to confirm the network change:

Switching the network
Switching the network

Confirm your wallet connection:

If you see this notification:

Success message

This means everything went well. Now you can click Continue:


After this, you will be redirected to the main page. Go to your profile again and click Connect Wallet again:

Select the wallet you just added.

Congratulations, you can now create games and play with other people!

Editing your profile

Now let's fill out the profile we just created. To do this, scroll to the very top and click "Edit Profile":

Edit profile

To change your profile picture, click "Upload New Photo" and select any image you like. Or, if you have characters, you can use their face as their profile picture:

Choosing your avatar

After selecting the image, crop it and click Save:

To zoom in and out, use the mouse wheel.

Below you can change your username, add your email address and change your password:

The icon to the right of the username indicates whether the username can be used. If a cross is shown, it means the name is already taken.

Below you can fill out your bio. Do this to tell other players about yourself:


At the very bottom you can indicate your Discord, Twitter and Telegram accounts:

Social Networks

When everything is filled in, click "Save Changes".

Filled profile

Done, your profile is complete! Now you can start playing. How to create a game or connect to an existing one, see our other tutorial on this topic. Good luck in the game!

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