Welcome to the exciting world of Pixudi! Today we will dive into the fascinating world of duels and reveal to you all the intricacies of this exciting mechanics. Let's start!


Before you can enter a duel, you will need to join a game or create your own. How to do this, see our other tutorial.

It all starts with two players standing on the same field. You can simply roll the dice in hopes of getting to or avoiding another player, or use a magic dice and have a 100% chance of getting into or avoiding a duel.

After this, the one who stood next to the other later makes a bet and can choose how many shards (no more than he has and no more than 50) and stones (maximum one, and the attacker must have it) to bet. This is what the window looks like from the attacker’s side:

But this is what the person being attacked will see:

After the attacker makes a bet, both players must choose an action for the first move:

  1. Attack. Deals little damage, has a chance to miss. No mana is required to use.

  2. Magic attack. Deals more damage than a normal attack; there is a chance to miss. Consumes 10 mana; mana is restored by 5 units for each step.

  3. Protection. Protection reduces damage taken.

  4. Surrender. You can give up, but in this case you will be considered a loser. Can be used if the attacker has not placed anything and if you do not want to take part in the duel.

The one whose health runs out first loses. But keep in mind that the attacker strikes first, so if you are both low on health, and on the last turn you both chose a normal or magical attack and neither missed, then the one who goes first (that is, the one who started the duel).

But this window will appear for the winner. We wish you to see him as often as possible!

Character stats

To evaluate your strengths, compare your character with your opponent's, and perhaps adjust your strategy, you can look at the characteristics of your characters. To do this, click the "Stats" button at the bottom of the character card:

Here's what it will look like:

Now let's figure out what all this means.

  1. ❤️ Health. The higher it is, the more damage the character can endure.

  2. Mana. The higher this parameter, the more mana the character can accumulate. Mana is needed to use magical attacks.

  3. 🔥Agility. The higher your agility, the less often you will miss.

  4. 🎲 Luck. It’s the same as with agility - the higher this parameter, the fewer misses you will have.

  5. 💡 Intelligence. Along with the “Mana” parameter, intelligence determines the maximum possible reserve of mana for accumulation.

  6. 💪 Power. The more strength a character has, the more damage any of his attacks will cause.

  7. Protection. The higher this parameter, the less damage the character receives.

That's all. We wish you good luck and more victories in the upcoming duels! And if you are a beginner, we also recommend watching our other tutorials.

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