Black Mark

The cursed player will roll the dice with a result of no more than 3. You can curse yourself and break the curse using Magic Dice Block.


Golden Parrot

Transfers a random item from one player to another.

Steering Wheel

Allows you to take an extra turn immediately after the current one.

Black Canvas

Instantly moves you to the space in front of the bank.

Mysterious Ring

You can only exchange this with thieves for a cursed pearl.

Double Dice

Instead of one cube as many as 2!


Dragon Wings

You roll the dice, but the result of the roll is 5 more spaces forward.


Triple Dice

Instead of one cube as many as 3!


Magic Dice Block

The player chooses a roll result of 1-10.


Bottle of Run

Moves to a random position on the map, after which the player makes a move.


Pasta in a Bottle

If used on the territory of a Pastafarian temple, you can get a cursed pearl, shards or item. Can only be used near the Pastafarian Temple.

Fog in a Bottle

Allows you to escape from captivity to freezing space.

Storm Wind in a Flask

Allows you to skip a move.

Toxic Smog in a Flask

Reduces the number of coins of all players by 10%.

Sea Zelt

Grants the player immunity to Curse Space.

Amphora of the Winds

Randomly changes the positions of all players on the board.

Staff of Command

Moves another player to any selected space.

Fast Boots

+10 to the value rolled on the die.

Pearl Amulet

Increases the chances of finding treasure on Treasure Seeker's tiles for the entire game for the one who used it. Can only be used 1 time.

Sea Monster Eye

Allows you to see other player's items.

Pocket Robin Hood

Steal shards from a random player.

Ghost Captain

Hides your location for one turn.

Pirate Parade Cannon

Selects the player who will lose his turn. Acts within one circle. Can be used on yourself. If a player has chosen himself, then during the current turn he will no longer be able to roll the dice. While skipping, mana is restored.

Moon Coin

Reduces store prices by 50% for one turn for you.

Tide Clock

Allows you to repeat any of your previous moves.

Pirate Emblem

Protects you from theft for 1 turn.


Swaps you with a random player on the map.


Coffee Mug

Adds an extra turn to the game for all players.



Returns you to the space you were on at the start of your last turn.


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