🪙$XUDI Token

$XUDI token will be the native currency powering Pixudi. It will be multi-purpose and used as an in-game currency along with our partner currencies as well as a governance token for Pixudi DAO.

250M tokens will be minted to support the development, expansion & growth of the Pixudi ecosystem while rewarding the team and its early supporters.

Methods for obtaining $XUDI:

  • Exchanges (CEX/DEX);

  • Swapping other tokens for $XUDI using Pixudi Bridge;

  • Paid games with prize pools formed from entry fees paid by players;

  • Seasonal event rankings;

  • Tournaments;

  • Mystery Packs and Mystery Chests;

$XUDI Use Cases

  • Buying items on Pixudi marketplace: Mystery Packs, keys for Mystery Chests, boards, characters, power-ups, etc.;

  • Entry fee in paid games with prize pools;

  • Season Pass / One-time ticket to tournaments;

  • Swap for other tokens via Pixudi Bridge;

  • Minting in-game items found on the board during game;

  • DAO vote: seasonal events, new boards, gameplay changes;

  • Staking $XUDI tokens to get dividents in other tokens;

The exchange and staking processes charge % commission. Part of it will be burned.

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